Treating Sleep Apnea

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Our practice caters to patients whose snoring and sleep disorders have been diagnosed as sleep apnea and who are searching for alternatives to CPAP therapy.

Millions of people suffer through restless nights--waking up several times a night, struggling with insomnia, and then dealing with excessive daytime tiredness, moodiness, headaches and other health related symptoms. And that loud snoring or grinding of teeth, it’s not normal either. Most have no idea that sleep apnea is the cause of their symptoms.

And that makes sense, Sleep Apnea is one of the least recognized disorders. At Kansas Sleep Solutions, we want to change that by bringing awareness to the dangers of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea and provide effective solutions.

We focus on getting patients screened, tested, and reliably treated to get them back to feeling better. 

We get it, without nourishing sleep it’s difficult to function and feel like yourself, making every day feel like it’s twice as hard. And untreated, the risks increase for high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, and type 2 diabetes, making a future look bleaker.  But there is a solution to getting you back to health!

If you’re not too thrilled about traditional CPAP therapy, we offer customized oral appliance therapy (OAT). Oral appliances are small and convenient, making them a great alternative. You won’t have to worry about feeling claustrophobic, your sleep movement being restricted, noise from a machine, mask leaks, or results of dry nose, mouth, and throat and others that are common with CPAP. Just sweet, restful sleep.

We invite you to schedule a free consultation to learn about the solutions we can offer you today!

A Simple & Easy Process

Screen and get tested for sleep apnea

We partner with board-certified physicians

A Free consultation

Learn if oral appliance therapy is right for you

Get fitted and sleep better

We work to make sure that you experience the best possible results

What Our Patients Think

"The Staff at Kansas Sleep Solutions is exceptional! For the first time in more than 20 years I'm sleeping better and longer from using my oral appliance. Also, I do not feel tired anymore as before." 

–T.T. Nhan

"Marvelous professional caring folks! I was very thankful for Dr. Kohlmeier's knowledge to assist me with my sleep issues. He is very professional and honestly without his encouragement I might still deny I had a problem. My health thanks you!" 

– N.F.

"I wish I had learned about oral appliance therapy earlier! Even after I was diagnosed with [sleep] apnea, I didn’t take it very seriously because my case was mild. Now I realize how significant those lost years were. Poor sleep is related to a number of other health factors that have improved now that I’m sleeping better." 

– Amy Sage Webb-Baza