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Screen and get tested for sleep apnea

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Get Screened

It's easy to find out if you might have a high probability for sleep apnea. You'll fill out our simple Screener and receive a short physical exam.


Get Tested

If your Screener indicates you have a high probability for sleep apnea, we have two options to get you tested. We can have you work with your primary care physician or we can contact our telemedicine partner,, to set you up with a board-certified sleep physician who can prescribe a 2-day home sleep test.


Get Fitted

After we receive your home sleep study results, if positive for sleep apnea, we invite you to set up a FREE consultation with us to talk about which therapy is right for you, based on your diagnosis.

Oral Appliance Therapy

An oral appliance device gently holds your lower jaw forward while you sleep. This forward position advances your tongue and helps open your airway to reduce snoring and alleviate Obstructive Sleep Apnea symptoms.

Set of 4 OAT

A custom fit just for you

What Our Patients Think

"The Staff at Kansas Sleep Solutions is exceptional! For the first time in more than 20 years I'm sleeping better and longer from using my oral appliance. Also, I do not feel tired anymore as before." 

–T.T. Nhan

"Marvelous professional caring folks! I was very thankful for Dr. Kohlmeier's knowledge to assist me with my sleep issues. He is very professional and honestly without his encouragement I might still deny I had a problem. My health thanks you!" 

– N.F.

"I wish I had learned about oral appliance therapy earlier! Even after I was diagnosed with [sleep] apnea, I didn’t take it very seriously because my case was mild. Now I realize how significant those lost years were. Poor sleep is related to a number of other health factors that have improved now that I’m sleeping better." 

– Amy Sage Webb-Baza